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10h December 2008

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MR-PRO controls vibration shakers

The Minirator MR-PRO generates low frequency sine signals 1 � 10 Hz. These test signals are typically utilized for driving a vibration source or for calibration of vibration transducers. The 1 � 10 Hz wave files are a free download for all Minirator customers.

Vibration transducers and �shakers operate typically in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 20 kHz. With the recently introduced new set of wave files, including 1 � 10 Hz sine signals, the Minirator MR-PRO perfectly suits vibration- and seismic applications, such as calibrating vibration transducers and driving shakers.

Download Application Note here
Download Wave Files here



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

3. - 5. February 2009
Integrated Systems ISE,
Amsterdam, NL

AL1 in Action on Amsterdam Airport

A new fire- and evacuation system has been installed at Amsterdam Airport in Netherlands. After completed installation, the new system with a total of 15.000 test points required detailed pre-testing for official approval. The NTI Acoustilyzer proofed to be right choice for fast and accurate speech intelligibility measurements.

The system has been provided by ATH techniek b.v., containing Dynacord Processors and about 10.000 speakers. The company "Team Projects" received the contract to test the speech intelligibility of the new fire- and evacuation system trough out the terminals.

Peter van de Geer, project manager of Team Projects reports: "The airport authorities allowed us to test the 10.000 speakers and slow-hoop horns only during nights, as the terminals had to be empty, thus the time schedule was very tight. The test results had to be provided within 4 weeks only. Imagine we had to do about 5.000 measurements, we measured the whole airport area, including baggage halls, corridors, terminals, parkings etc., with a measurement grid of about 5 by 5 meters. But our experience with the fast STI-PA measurement of the NTI Acoustilyzer gave us confidence to successfully complete the project."

The STI-PA measurement had to be carried out very quickly. The TeamProjects Audio engineers used the NTI STI-PA CD, fed the test signal into the system, measured the speech intelligibility at the various 15.000 test points, and recorded the test results directly into the internal Acoustilyzer memory on-site. A round-a-clock project: Measurements in the night and analyzing / reporting in daytime. Following the local regulations the minimum speech intelligibility is 0.5 STI, but various test positions didn't met this limit, thus Team Projects recommended further acoustical improvements increasing the intelligibility above the 0.5 mark.


Team Projects has tested 10.000 speakers at 15.000 testpoints using the Acoustilyzer AL1

After completed successful testing the new fire- and evacuation system was ready for the airport authorities.

Read more about Team Projects at www.teamprojects.nl.


Digirator DR2 nominated

After winning the last year's award with the Minirator MR-PRO, the very successful Digirator DR2 is nominated for the Inavation technology award 2009.

You may support the voting at:


Category 11:
Most InAVative AV accessory

Minirator – More than just a signal generator

Terry Nelson tested the Minirator MR-PRO for the Line Up magazine, the Journal of the Institute of Broadcast Sound. He used the MR-PRO to install sound systems in meeting rooms and inspect and repair his audio equipments.

“I tested with the Minirator MR-PRO three microphone inputs on my DJ mixer”, reports Terry Nelson in his review, “To my great surprise I found them unbalanced! The MR-PRO measurement functions are excellent for fault testing, such as short circuits, defective cabling and balanced system verifications”.

Terry Nelson summarizes the review with: “The NTI Minirator MR-PRO proved itself extremely useful in the field, and a detailed investigation has shown that it has a lot of possibilities. On that basis, I would recommend it as a “must have” item for your test kit. Used in conjunction with the other NTI instruments, the scope for measurement widens considerably, but as a stand-alone unit it remains a vital ingredient. Highly recommended”. Web: www.lineup.biz

The complete test report is available for download here.

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