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24th July 2007

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MR2 / MR-PRO available at your distributor

Minirator MR2 / MR-PROThe portable state-of-the-art Audio generators MR2 and MR-PRO are now available at your national agent or distributor. NTI has successfully ramped up its production since May 2007. MR2 and MR-PRO are the direct successors of the legendary MR1 that has been successfully serving the PRO Audio and Installation market since 1999. While the MR2 has been optimized for "Value at a most attractive price", the MR-PRO has been developed with innovative functionality for even more demanding applications. More information

Minirator MR1 will be discontinued by the end of 2007

The legendary Minirator MR1 has reached its end of life and will be discontinued in manufacturing. Obsolete parts, RoHS requirements as well as technological restrictions have forced NTI to stop the production of MR1 by end of 2007. MR1 was the first member of the Minstruments family and prepared the ground for the following instruments such as the Minilyzer ML1, Digilyzer DL1 and Acoustilizer AL1. MR2 and MR-PRO are direct successors of the MR1 featuring an extended functionality paired with improved technical specifications. NTI will continue to service and repair the MR1. Application notes, Manuals and further documentation are still available on NTI's website

Battery pack for TalkBox increasing portability

Talkbox with Battery PackTalkBox TB1 is the calibrated acoustical reference for Intelligibility measurements. Its simple operation and portability promote TalkBox as an indispensable sound source. For further increasing its portability, NTI is offering a battery pack for operation at places where no mains power is available or connection is cumbersome. A fully charged battery pack supplies the TalkBox for app. 7 to 11 hours of continuous operation, depending on the operation mode. The TalkBox power supply can be used to charge the battery pack. The battery pack comes complete with cables, adaptors, and adhesive straps for direct attachment. Read more

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