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29th January 2009

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Reliable XLR Pin 1 Cable Testing with MR-PRO

NTI introduces a unique feature of the Minirator MR-PRO: The "Pin 1 Cable Tester" functionality. It detects the proper connection from the cable shield or 3rd conductor wire to the XLR connector pin 1. The Minirator impedance test function measures minor capacitive differences between the two wires and the shielding of an XLR audio cable, thus senses false pin 1 connections accurately.

Audio cables are frequently soldered incorrectly to the XLR connector, e.g. the cable shield or 3rd conductor is unconnected at one end, or connected to pin 3 at both cable ends instead to the assigned pin 1. Cables with shields/wires connected to pin 3 (or pin 2) are commonly analyzed as “OK” by conventional cable testers basing on the typical 1:1 connection test, but actually cause unbalance and the audio quality worsens passing through such bad cables.

How can an incorrectly connected shield be detected?

The NTI MR-PRO detects the correct connection from the cable shield to pin 1. The MR-PRO accurately analyzes a connected audio cable for all the individual impedances between the three connector pins 1, 2 and 3. A properly wired XLR cable is a nearly perfect balanced device. An audio cable with incorrect shield connections results in an unbalanced capacitive load at pin 2 and pin 3 in relation to pin 1, resulting in different impedance readings at pin 2 compared to pin 3. The Minirator precisely measures this capacitive difference of the connected audio cable, indicating an incorrect shielding connection on the MR-PRO display.


The detailed impedance view shows an asymmetric load, indicating a wrong connected Pin 1

Download Application Note here.


Home Cinema Test Solution shown at ISE Show

NTI introduces the handheld test system for home cinema applications at the upcoming ISE Show, the Integrated Systems Europe, 2. – 5. February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The DR2 generates surround sound test sequences for verification and adjustment of professional Dolby Digital, Dolby E and DTS installations. On the other end the Acoustilyzer measures the sound performance of the audio system. Together they form a compact and simple test kit for applications, like setting up and improving home cinema installations.

Click to enlarge

You are welcome to visit the NTI booth #1F119 for a hands-on demonstration. More detailed information on “Home Cinema Testing” is listed in the PPT “Digirator DR2 – Workshop“ at the NTI website here.

“The Digirator is a little Jewel“

The Line up magazine, the Journal of the Institute of Broadcast Sound, tested the Digirator DR2 extensively. Author and tester Terry Nelson utilized the digital signal generator to improve the sound performance of digital audio systems in conference rooms gaining direct hands on experience.

The DR2 provides a useful education for some of this hazy points of digital audio“, summarized Terry Nelson the gained knowledge with the Digirator. Furthermore he highlighted: “The Flexibility of a wide range of test signals, particularly those in Dolby digital, Dolby E, Pro Logic II and DTS, makes it an ideal source for testing signal chains as well as general troubleshooting and verifications. Highly recommended”.


The complete test report is available for download here.



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

3. - 5. February 2009
Integrated Systems ISE,
Amsterdam, NL
Booth #1F119

1.-4. April 2009
prolight + sound, PLS
Frankfurt, D
Booth #8.H05

8. - 10. May 2009
AES Convention
Munich, D

17. - 19. June 2009
Orlando, Florida

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