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12th July 2011

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The Spectral Limits Option extends the function range of the XL2 with trace capturing, relative curve display and comprehensive tolerance handling for both the FFT Analysis and the new high-resolution to 1/12th octave RTA-function.

Typical applications are

  • PA-Rental
    Verifying the frequency response of returned speakers and microphones against reference records ensuring they are back on stock in good working condition.

  • Cinema
    Comparing frequency responses against an ideal response curve according the X-Curve requirements.

  • Industrial Quality Testing
    Passed/Failed test in the production line or during the service of any component with quantifiable audible quality criteria, such as at motors, machines and vacuum cleaners.

The Spectral Limits Option is available now.
Read detailed press news here.


New XL2 Firmware 2.22

The firmware V2.22 extends the XL2 Analyzer for comparative measurements against reference curves, e.g. comparing the RTA spectrum of the left and right speaker during a stage set up or comparing against a house curve.

Download the firmware here.


 XL2 Spectral Limits Option

The video introduces the functionality of the XL2 Spectral Limits option for industrial quality testing.

(click to play)

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