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26th January 2012

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Flexus FX100

FX100 is a professional Audio analyzer that optimally fits both lab applications and the production floor. The flexible architecture allows for tailoring of the system exactly to the customer’s requirements, while the comprehensive functionality and high measuring speed make it the ideal choice for virtually every audio testing environment. Furthermore, full support provided by the FX-Control software suite ensures an intuitive and straightforward operation of the system.

The key highlights of the FX100 system can be summarized as follows.

• Maximum measuring speed based on state-of-the-art GlideSweep analysis
• High flexibility due to modular architecture
• Comprehensive functionality with leading-edge specifications
• Intuitive operation through the thought-out software design
• Easy reference data acquisition and tolerance definition
• Advanced features allow quick realization of complex test setups
• State-of-the art data logging functionality

Learn more about FLEXUS.



 Introducing the Flexus
 Audio Analyzer

The video introduces the functionality of the Flexus FX100 and the software FX-Control:

(click to play)



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Guangzhou, China


The ability to compare two frequency spectra is often required when setting up PA systems. For example, when adjusting the response of the left/right side of the main speakers or for trimming a series of monitor speakers to have a similar frequency response. Starting with firmware version 2.20, the XL2 supports this task by offering a capture memory in the Sound Level Meter.

A measured spectrum can be stored to the capture memory. The capture memory may then be displayed on the screen together with an ongoing measurement.

XL2 RTA with capture  

In the screenshot, the dashes are showing the capture memory representing the frequency response of the left speaker of a stereo speaker set. The bars are visualizing the spectrum of the live signal; in this example the spectrum of the right speaker.

Using an equalizer, the frequency response of the right speaker may then be adjusted to fit to the left speaker.

Need more such functionality?
Advanced techniques like multiple capture memories, averaging multiple spectra, displaying the difference of two spectra, increasing the resolution up to 1/12 oct are available with the XL2 optional "Spectral Limits Option."


How to ...

Capture a spectrum:

Capture Step 1

Capture Step 2


Display the captured spectrum as dashes:

Show Capture Step 1

Show Capture Step 2

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