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NTi Audio Workshops

NTi Audio offers practical audio workshops on how our instruments can make your life easier. These workshops are helpful for sound engineers, service technicians and production test specialists, who want to learn more about innovative solutions for their profession.

Every presentation includes interesting information on the theory of audio and acoustics, as well as practical hints on how to get the job done. The audience will also gain a better understanding of how to avoid or cope with common traps and pitfalls in audio and acoustic measurements. Current workshops:

Workshop: Pro Audio Equipment Testing with FX100 Workshop: Handheld Solutions for Installed Sound

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Register for this workshop


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You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

24 - 27 May 2012 
Stand E19
Beijing, China

10 - 13 June 2012
Euronoise 2012 
Prag, Czech Republic

13 - 15 June 2012
Infocomm 2012 
Las Vegas, US

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