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XL2 Cinema Meter Option

Berkeley, California-based Meyer Sound Laboratories and Liechtenstein-based NTi Audio AG have announced a new cinema meter option for the handheld XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. Developed through a collaborative effort by the two companies, the Meyer Sound cinema meter option allows cinema sound technicians to calibrate loudspeaker systems efficiently and to an extremely high degree of precision - beyond the recommended basic SMPTE standards - using a small, easy-to-use handheld device.

The cinema meter option extends the XL2 Analyzer to facilitate efficient and accurate alignment of Meyer Sound EXP cinema systems, which are inherently capable of highly linear performance with exceptionally flat phase and amplitude response. The new XL2 option includes a Meyer Sound test script that can be used for tuning any cinema system. Test signals can be sourced through storage in the cinema system or from the NTi Audio MR-PRO generator.

“A fundamental goal of EXP cinema audio is to achieve near perfect linearity,” notes John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound. “Final calibration is critical in realizing that goal, and with the Meyer Sound XL2 cinema option, technicians now have a compact and cost-effective tool for making the extremely precise adjustments required.”

The cinema meter project reflects Meyer Sound’s commitment to leadership in all aspects of cinema sound technology. It also marks its first outside collaboration on a test and measurement product; the company’s renowned SIM® audio analyzer was developed entirely in-house.

“NTi Audio is extremely pleased to have this opportunity to work with Meyer Sound,” says Tom Mintner, president of NTI Americas. “The confidence Meyer Sound places in the XL2 Analyzer is deeply appreciated, and underscores NTi Audio’s position as the recognized world leader in hand-held audio test instruments.” The Meyer Sound cinema meter development was facilitated by Mintner along with Thomas Hupp and Philipp Schwizer on behalf of NTi Audio, with performance specifications and test routines developed by the Meyer Sound engineering department.

The Meyer Sound cinema meter option will be available through NTi Audio’s worldwide sales channels either with the purchase of a new XL2 or as an upgrade to an existing unit.


Shipping commences in July 2012.

FX100: Microphone Testing

The Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer with the RT-Mic PC Software provides an elaborate turnkey solution for testing microphones. Both high-end studio microphones and multiple MEMS microphones (in parallel) can be verified through optimized test procedures that are easy to configure and simple to operate, yet provide comprehensive data logging and result printouts.

Dynamic, phantom-powered or ICP-powered microphones can be directly connected to the analyzer, while an external adapter box allows for the testing of silicone chips with up to 8 digital MEMS microphones.

The solution is suited for high-volume production environments, which require maximum throughput and cost-effective quality control. Such a rapid test environment is possible by the FX100 generating fast GlideSweeps and analysing the results in real-time using powerful on-board DSPs. The solution also supports extended features such as microphone power consumption or directivity measurements, numerous communication interfaces, barcode reader, digital I/O cards, as well as temperature, humidity or air-pressure sensors.


RT-Mic Screenshot

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FX100: Microphone Testing



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