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New FX100 Firmware - Measurements of playback devices and measurement of channel latency.

The FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer now features easy and fast measurements of playback devices with no audio input, such as smart-phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, medical and household appliances. This functionality is accompanied by software products that cover every phase of the development life cycle of playback devices, R&D, QC and manufacturing.

Use the FX-Control software to create a proprietary glide-sweep test signal based on your chosen sweep parameters. Save this test signal to your device under test (DUT) in mp3 or wav file format. Play the signal and the FX100 will synchronize and start measuring and analyzing the glide-sweep signal.

In a closed-loop setup, i.e. where an audio input channel is available, the test signal is generated by the FX100 generator while, at the same time, the FX100 analyzes the results. This can be used to characterize audio parameters of communication channels with significant signal latency, such as VoIP systems. The channel latency is then available as a measurement parameter.

Watch the video "FX100 measurements of playback devices"

New XL2 Cinema Meter - Available now

The Cinema Meter forms the dedicated solution for efficient calibration and reproducible verification of cinema loudspeaker systems according SMPTE ST 202:2010 and SMPTE RP 200:2012. The Cinema Meter is now shipping.

The XL2 Analyzer in combination with the Cinema Option forms the dedicated Cinema Meter. An interactive assistant guides the cinema engineer through dedicated measurement scripts for an intuitive management of the audio performance requirements. Cinemas may be calibrated efficiently and verified according to the SMPTE ST 202:2010 standard and RP 200:2012 recommended practice. This makes the XL2 Analyzer an indispensable tool for every cinema engineer.

Order Details:
Cinema Meter Option for XL2
NTi Audio # 600 000 379

Watch the video "Cinema Meter Explained"

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You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

9 - 12 Sept. 2012
Plasa 2012
booth 1-H18
London, UK

Workshop @ Plasa Show
Sep 11th / 14:00 – 15:00

26 - 29 Oct. 2012
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San Francisco, USA

XL2 Firmware V2.40

The new XL2 firmware V2.40 extends the XL2 with the following features:

●  Cinema Meter
100ms Logging
Selective frequency band listening for the 1/12 Octave analyzer.
RTA now offers read out of wideband levels.

Download the new firmware at http://my.nti-audio.com.


Video: Cinema Meter Explained

Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio, explains the workflow of the new Cinema Meter Option.

Watch the video "Cinema Meter Explained"

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