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Audio Quality Testing of Smart Devices

NTi Audio invites you to a free live webinar where you can learn more about using the FLEXUS FX100 to evaluate the Audio performance of smart devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers or MP3 players.

The webinar introduces you to the key challenges for creating the correct test conditions, generating a suitable test signal, introducing this test signal into the device, and executing and reporting the most relevant measurements. The webinar then reinforces these concepts with a practical demonstration test of such a smart device using the FX100 Audio Analyzer and provides helpful hints on implementing the test in a production environment.

Register for your most convenient date and time below:

   Webinar 1  Webinar 2  Webinar 3  Webinar 4  Webinar 5
 16 April
 16. April
 16 April
 18 April
 18 April
   English  Deutsch  English  English  English
   Register  Anmelden  Register  Register  Register
 Los Angeles
 (Mon 15th)
 09.30 pm
 05:00  06:00 am  08:00 am  10:00 am
 New York
 00:30 am  08:00  09:00 am  11:00 am  01:00 pm
 London  05:30  13:00  14:00  16:00  18:00
 Paris  06:30  14:00  15:00  17:00  19:00
 Helsinki  07:30  15:00  16:00  18:00  20:00
 Abu Dhabi  08:30  16:00  17:00  19:00  21:00
 Delhi  10:00  17:30  18:30  20:30  22:30
 Beijing  12:30  20:00  21:00  23:00  (Fri 19th)
 Tokyo  13:30  21:00  22:00  00:00  (Fri 19th)
 Sydney  15:30  23:00  00:00  (Fri 19th)
 (Fri 19th)
PLS Frankfurt 2013

We welcome you to our booth (hall 8 / booth F03) at the Prolight & Sound show in Frankfurt from 10th to 13th April. Highlighted will be the FX-Control advanced Sequencer for the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer, the XL2-TA approved sound level meter, as well as the latest XL2 firmware including an improved workflow for measuring speech intelligibility.

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FX-Control Available in Many Languages

At NTi Audio we understand the benefit of you being able to interface with software in your own language. That is why the FX-Control Software, which supports the FLEXUS FX100 Analog & Digital Audio Analyzer, is available in many languages.

Simply select your language of choice in the Setup and the language of all screen and menu items, dialogues and generated reports will change.

Read more about the FX100 here.

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PLS Frankfurt - FX-Control Sequencer & XL2-TA Analyzer

FX-Control - Available in Many Languages


You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

10 - 13 April 2013
Prolight + Sound
Hall 8.0 / Booth F03
Frankfurt, Germany

18 April 2013
SGA Acoustic-Conference
Freiburg, Switzerland

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