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RT-MicFX: Faster Microphone Test using GlideSweep Analysis

The new version V2.11 of the RT-MicFX Microphone Test software utilizes the advantages of the FX100 Audio Analyzer. All tests are performed by a logarithmic GlideSweep, which results in high test speed and immunity against environmental noise.

Supported measurement functions are frequency & distortion response, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and Rub&Buzz for detecting electro-mechanical defects. Additionally, directivity polar plots and a DC microphone power supply test are also available.

The software interfaces to barcode readers, DIO cards and a sensor for temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure.

The new RT-MicFX release V2.11 is available at
http://my.nti-audio.com/support/fx free of charge for all registered customers.

Read more about the microphone test solution here.

London South Bank University

The PhD thesis of Dr Luis Gomez Agustina was entitled, 'Design and optimization of voice alarm systems for underground stations'. He speaks about his experiences of using the XL2.

At London South Bank University we use the XL2 for a wide variety of applications, including research, consultancy, training and teaching on our Institute of Acoustics Diploma and Masters' courses.

Lately our XL2 has been busy in various research projects involving speech intelligibility and RT measurements (e.g. school acoustics, underground VA systems, conference halls). This spring our XL2 will be allocated as a key diagnosis and monitoring tool to a refrigeration noise control project. We also frequently use the Projector function to demonstrate concepts to students during lectures and laboratory experiments.

An Instinctive Preferred Choice

In my previous company we evaluated the real-time analyzer market and selected the Acoustilyzer. It proved its worth on-site as a cost-effective, robust and reliable device. Then the XL2 came with its many new features and improved ergonomics impressing everyone. When I joined LSBU I recommended the purchase of XL2 units for its outstanding ... read more

Seminars at PALM Expo China

We cordially invite you to free NTi Audio seminars during the PALM show in Beijing on 8th June 2013. The seminars take place in Room E-207.

Seminar 1 shows how easy it is to perform detailed analysis of analogue and digital audio signals with the FX100 Audio Analyzer. Customized test sequences for practical applications will be created.

Seminar 2 shows how to measure speech intelligibility with the XL2 using the very latest defined STIPA standards.

Seminar 3 explains best practice experiences when using the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer to measure STIPA.

Register below:

 Seminar 1  Seminar 2  Seminar 3
 Audio Measurement
 Workshop with the
 FX100 Audio Analyzer
 STIPA 4.0 measurements
 with the XL2 Audio
 and Acoustic Analyzer
 Best practice
 STIPA Measurements
 08 June
 13:30 – 14:20
 08 June
 14:30 – 15:20
 08 June
 15:30 – 16:20
 English/Chinese  English/Chinese  Chinese
 Register  Register  Register



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XL2 Analyzer at London South Bank University

Invitation to Seminars: PALM Expo China


You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

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