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Webinar: Flexus FX100 How to Set Meaningful Pass/Fail Limits

The definition of tolerances for a production system is very tricky, because the yield must be maximized while, at the same time, faulty parts may be unacceptable. This live webinar provides practical solutions to this problem and helps to define custom tolerances.

The definition of meaningful acceptance criteria for an audio test is a key challenge in many applications. On one side the test must be relevant, i.e. allow the reliable detection of bad samples – on the other hand the tolerance limits must not be too tight, as this would result in rejecting good working devices and thus compromise the yield.

Moreover, the test engineer is frequently left in a situation where only incomplete or no test specifications at all are available. Fortunately, guidelines and procedures exist that simplify the process of evaluating and applying meaningful Pass/Fail tolerance limits.

NTi Audio offers an interactive webinar that introduces and explains a proven procedure to solve this challenge including additional hints and tricks.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: NTi Audio supports IBC

For many years, NTi Audio has supported IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The NTi Audio handheld instruments are regularly used for qualification and commissioning of conference rooms and audio-acoustic installations.

The combination of the XL2 Analyzer and Minirator provides the dedicated solution for calibration procedures and acoustic measurements. It offers polarity verification of loudspeakers, equalization of systems and spot checks in the rooms and auditoriums for system response throughout the listening area ... read more

XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer: Report configuration after your measurement

After your measurement, you can add various other levels into your report.

For example, let's assume that before you started measuring, you chose to report on the LAeq level only.

Your report may look like this:


XL2 Measurement Report with only one level (LAeq)

Any time after the measurement is completed and saved, you may redefine your report, e.g. back in the office during the preparation of your customer report. Simply,

  • Load the earlier measurement back into the XL2 display (Memory menu -> Load Test)
  • Change the levels that should appear in the report page (SLMeter -> Rep), e.g. add any additional required levels
  • Save the measurement (Memory menu -> Save Test)

The new chosen levels will now appear in your report:


Measurement Report with additional levels (LAFmax, LAFmin and LCPKmax)



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Amsterdam, Netherlands:
NTi Audio supports IBC

XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyser:
Report configuration after your measurement


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