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Webinar: Microphone Testing with the FX100

Webinar: Microphone Testing with the FX100

NTi Audio cordially invites you to a free live webinar.

The verification of microphone specifications in the laboratory or during manufacturing requires special attention to the test setup and measurement methodology. For example, the frequency response of the reference speaker used must be compensated and reflections in the test room should be removed from the measurement.

This webinar provides an overview of the most important challenges in microphone testing and presents proven solutions.

Register for your most convenient date and time below.

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 16 Apr
 16. Apr
 16 Apr
 17 Apr
 17 Apr
   English  Deutsch  English  English  English
   Register  Anmelden  Register  Register  Register
 Los Angeles
 (Tue 15th)
 09.30 pm
 05:00  06:00 am  08:00 am  10:00 am
 New York
 00:30 am  08:00  09:00 am  11:00 am  01:00 pm
 London  05:30  13:00  14:00  16:00  18:00
 Paris  06:30  14:00  15:00  17:00  19:00
 Helsinki  07:30  15:00  16:00  18:00  20:00
 Abu Dhabi  08:30  16:00  17:00  19:00  21:00
 Delhi  10:00  17:30  18:30  20:30  22:30
 Beijing  12:30  20:00  21:00  23:00  (Fri 18th)
 Tokyo  13:30  21:00  22:00  (Fri 18th)
 (Fri 18th)
 Sydney  14:30  22:00  23:00  (Fri 18th)
 (Fri 18th)

The duration is approx. 30 minutes.


A loudspeaker test to suit your budget

A loudspeaker test to suit your budget

The widely-used NTi Audio RT-Speaker loudspeaker test system is now available in three editions, graded on functionality and price. This allows you to select the appropriate solution that fulfills your individual loudspeaker testing requirements.

The combination of RT-Speaker software, PureSound™ Rub&Buzz detection and the FX100 or RT-2M audio analyzer has been the de-facto standard for end-of-line testing in loudspeaker manufacturing for over 10 years. While the software is used mainly in high-volume loudspeaker manufacturing, the new editions make RT-Speaker attractive also for smaller companies.

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A loudspeaker test to suit your budget


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