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Wind Farm Noise Assessment by XL2

Wind Farm Noise Assessment by XL2

One of the largest acoustic consulting firms in Australia, "Renzo Tonin & Associates" was engaged by the New South Wales Department of Planning & Industry to conduct wind farm noise assessments. The goal was to perform a specialist, independent acoustic compliance audit of three major wind farms located near Canberra, Australia’s capital city.

The objective of the study was to conduct a detailed noise assessment at residential dwellings near to the wind farms. Three wind farms near Canberra, Australia, were investigated.

XL2 Sound Level Meters used for Noise Monitoring

XL2 Sound Level Meters were operated on a continuous basis, typically over a six week period at each wind farm. Altogether 6 XL2’s were used for unattended noise monitoring at each of these locations. Attended noise monitoring was also used to determine whether penalties apply in the calculation of annoyance levels for tonal, low frequency, impulsive or intermittent noise.

The principal project manager, Dr. Renzo Tonin, reported: "The XL2 is a class 1 instrument having an accuracy suitable for field and laboratory use. It incorporates 1/1 and 1/3 Octave band filters as well as continuous audio recording. The lower limiting frequency of the XL2 is just 5 Hz and it exhibits a very low residual noise floor which makes it eminently suitable for use at wind farm sites which are typically located in quiet rural locations."

NTi Audio Wind Farm Noise Assessment by XL2  

Dedicated Setup for Wind Farm Monitoring

The XL2 meters were housed in Pelican cases with the XL2 preamplifier extension cable threaded through an aluminum tube with a weatherproofing gland at the top to protect and seal the preamplifier connection. The XL2 was battery powered to enable continuous noise logging for two weeks at a time at each residential site. Special windscreens, 200 mm in diameter, were used to reduce the impact of wind noise on the microphone.

Projects successfully completed

Dr. Renzo Tonin summarized: "We selected NTi’s XL2 sound level meters for the noise monitoring program because of their environmental robustness, ease of use and value for money. The project was successfully completed in the allotted time and on budget."

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  NTi Audio Wind Farm Noise Assessment by XL2
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New type-approved firmware for XL2-TA

The Austrian institute of metrology BEV has certified the firmware V2.71 for the XL2-TA Sound Level Meter.

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Webinar: Test Sequence Design Made Easy
Webinar: Test Sequence Design Made Easy

NTi Audio cordially invites you to a free live webinar.

Controlling the quality of product can be a complex process. This webinar shows you how the process can be simplified. This simplification is particularly effective when the audio and acoustic testing involves several steps. Designing such test sequences for the production line, the laboratory and the repair center has been made easy.

This webinar is a practical presentation of the FX-Control software sequencer for the FX100 Audio Analyzer. It provides an insight into the available functions and demonstrates the typical procedure for creating a custom test sequence.

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