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Comprehensive Spectral Noise Data Analysis

Comprehensive Spectral Noise Data Analysis

Data Explorer is a PC-based software application providing comprehensive analysis and reporting of noise data obtained from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The software now offers an extensive analysis of spectral noise data and the calculation of Day-Night-Levels for noise annoyance reporting.

The latest release of XL2 Data Explorer V1.21 broadens the spectral noise data analysis, provides day-night level calculation and enables shared data storage. The software in combination with the XL2 Sound Level Meter provides an excellent solution for noise measurement professionals.

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Complete solution for distributed audio testing

Complete solution for distributed audio testing

Are you working with 70V/100V distributed audio? Then take a look at NTi Audio’s product range. It offers fast and reliable measurement solutions for manufacturers in the lab and on the production floor, as well as solutions for installers in system commissioning and monitoring.

The FX100 Audio Analyzer is ideally suited to test electrical signals originating from 70V/100V devices as e.g. amplifiers, or components like audio step up/down transformers. All relevant parameters such as gain, level, distortion and phase responses can be accurately measured from one single stimulus, lasting only a few hundred milliseconds.

The MR-PRO handheld instrument is the convenient and reliable solution for checking loudspeaker lines when commissioning an installed audio system. The line’s key parameters like impedance, apparent power and phase are shown on the instrument display. This allows you to reliably checking a large number of loudspeaker lines in a short time, thus getting the job done quicker and more efficiently.

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Complete solution for distributed audio testing

Webinar: Advanced Principles of Sound Level Measurements


You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

05 - 08 October 2014
London, UK

09 - 12 October 2014
AES Convention
Los Angeles, USA

14 - 15 October 2014
Reproduced Sound Conference
Birmingham, UK

15 - 16 October 2014
IOA 40th Anniversary Conference
Birmingham, UK


Webinar: Advanced Principles of Sound Level Measurements
Webinar: Advanced Principles of Sound Level Measurements

NTi Audio cordially invites you to a free live webinar.

The webinar covers advanced principles of sound level measurements, such as the difference between max and peak level, moving average and repeated Leq measurements, percentiles and sound exposure.

The webinar will be presented in English or German. Register for this webinar here ...


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