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Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Measurements made easy

Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Measurements made easyAirborne and Impact Sound Insulation Measurements made easy

The Exel Building Acoustics Kit consists of the instruments and software required for professional airborne, impact and facade sound insulation measurements. With the latest enhancements, Building Acoustic consultants can utilize a comprehensive package for remote-controlled measurement. For simultaneous measurement in the source and receiving rooms, Wi-Fi communication takes over from the more traditional cable connection methods.

The XL2 Acoustic Analyzer in combination with the 'Sound Insulation Reporter' PC-software offers a professional and intuitive building acoustics measurement solution. The sound reduction index, a measure of the sound insulation provided by a partition between two rooms, is determined precisely and in accordance with the relevant ISO or ASTM standards. In order to determine the sound reduction index, an excitation signal is generated (from an airborne or impact sound source) on one side of the partition and the reduction in sound across the partition is determined by measuring the sound levels with an XL2 in both the source and receiving rooms.

The Basic Configuration
For consultants infrequently called on to carry out sound insulation measurements, one XL2 with its associated microphone would be a sufficient system configuration for the assessment. The process is to firstly measure the average level in the source room then measure the average level in the receiving room. Finally, connect the XL2 to your PC via the USB interface and manually load the results into the Sound Insulation Reporter PC-software for immediate reporting.

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Let’s Clear Up Some Things About Sweeps…

Let’s Clear Up Some Things About Sweeps…

Part 2 of 2: Practical measurements

The second part of this article (read part one here) deals with the practical applications of sweep measurements on audio and acoustic systems. In addition to choosing the correct sweep method, it is important to adjust the parameters of the sweep to suit the test object being tested. This article provides some valuable tips.

Audio and acoustic devices and systems are operated throughout the audible range and beyond. This range extends over the two dimensions of frequency and level. Accordingly, measurements on audio and acoustic systems must measure and evaluate the relevant parameters in these dimensions. The basic measurements used are sweep measurements.

For a meaningful and accurate measurement, the most important sweep parameters to be defined are the start and stop values for the frequency or amplitude as well as the steps (number of desired measuring points) or the duration of the measurement (in the case of a GlideSweep).

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Let’s Clear Up Some Things About Sweeps…

Projector PRO Update

XL2 Firmware V3.33

Sound Bite


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Projector PRO Update

The Projector PRO software displays the XL2 screen in real-time on the connected Windows or Mac computer. The latest update adds an additional remote access to the data on the XL2 and supports the type approved XL2-TA Sound Level Meter.

Download Projector PRO V1.11 here

XL2 Firmware V3.33

The XL2 Firmware V3.33 extends the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer with the following features:

Sound Level Meter
RTA logging of Lmin and Lmax (optional)
Correction value k2 can be measured based on LCeq
●  Reverberation Time RT60
Improved measurement method for echo chambers
●  General
Optimizations for NoiseScout Gateway Mode

Overview of all new features

Download Firmware V3.33 here.

Sound Bite
Sound Bite
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