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New Omnidirectional Sound Source & Amplifier

The lightweight, omnidirectional DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker and the powerful PA3 amplifier adding value to the new building acoustic set.

Measuring the sound insulation and reverberation time in multi-roomed buildings can become pretty tiring. Carrying a heavy amplifier & loudspeaker from room to room is cumbersome. To stop you killing yourself in your daily work, NTi Audio has developed a new lightweight, yet robust omnidirectional sound source together with a powerful amplifier.

Despite its low weight of only 7.5 kg, the new DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker consistently delivers up to 121 dB sound power level for extended periods of time. The high output is suitable for testing in rooms with lots of background noise, and the sturdy grids and housing are designed to take the knocks of everyday usage, even in hostile conditions such as construction sites.

We know how a reliable remote control can ease the workload, so we tested ours thoroughly. You can switch the signal ON only when necessary and OFF without repeatedly walking around.

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What are LAeq and LAFmax?

LAeq and LAFmax report

LAeq and LAFmax are a couple of the many labels used to describe sound and noise level values. Here is a basic explanation of the most commonly-used of these labels in audio and acoustic measurement. As an example we’ll look at the label LAFmax.

Beginning on the left, the first letter is a capital “L”. For labels, the first letter is always an “L”. This simply stands for “Level”, as in the sound pressure level (acoustic) measured through a microphone or the signal level (audio) measured at the output from an audio component, such as a mixing desk.

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What are LAeq and LAFmax?

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