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Speech Intelligibility Measurement Basics

Record the background noise with an XL2 when the location is full.
STIPA measure background noise
With the location empty (perhaps at night), place a TalkBox in front of the announcer’s microphone.
STIPA TalkBox with announcer microphone
Press Start button on the XL2 to measure the STI.
STIPA measure STI
Print your Report.
STIPA Report

Download the Quick Guide to STI measurements here.

Watch the STIPA webinar here.

Read the whole STI story here.


Great Sound at Europe`s biggest Live Sound Trade Fair

Great Sound at Europe`s biggest Live Sound Trade Fair

The annual ProLight + Sound trade fair (PLS) in Frankfurt is acclaimed for Live sound demonstrations from top PA system manufacturers. This year the “Agora Live Sound Arena”, in the middle of the exhibition halls, was again a big attraction. While the various manufacturers presented their large-scale PA systems and latest stage equipment under realistic conditions at this open-air venue, the acoustic engineering company AMT, Isernhagen was responsible for protecting the public’s hearing according to the DIN 15905-5 standard. All sound level measurements were performed with the XL2 Sound Level Meter and visualized on the rather big screen using the Projector PRO software.

The Live Sound Arena was once again a crowd-puller this year. There is no doubt that, within reason, “louder is better” in such a comparative demonstration environment. AMT's job was to measure and display the sound levels, as well as advise the exhibitors on what is possible within the legal limits. For the sound level measurement, AMT chose the XL2 Sound Level Meter, because it is compliant, can integrate with the big screen, and provides a clear traffic-light color warning system.

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Great Sound at Europe`s biggest Live Sound Trade Fair

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Sound Bite

The "Yanny or Laurel" auditory illusion that is dividing the internet.

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