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Smart Measurements for Smart Devices

Test Setup Smart Device FX100 
Smart devices is a booming market and the number of devices available is growing rapidly. The market is wide open, and competition is fierce. As a manufacturer of smart devices, one way to stay ahead of the game is to run tests to ensure the quality of the acoustic responses of the microphones and speakers in one’s devices. A quality testing procedure is also, certainly, something that is needed for repair and refurbishment of such devices.

Devices such as smart speakers, mobile devices, personal assistants, smart thermostats, smart security cameras and similar have entered the consumer market with force during the last couple of years. More and more household appliances are getting connected to the smart home network. Most of those devices have an audio interface, such as built-in loudspeakers or microphones to interact with the user. Some of them even deliver an impressive level of audio quality. How easy is it to test this quality?

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Why are top international musicians such as Milow, Judith Hill and Fred Wesley making a pilgrimage to the tiny principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe? Anyone who has ever sat in on a live studio session in the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS in Eschen knows the answer; it is the unique combination of being up-close and present in the audience for a first-hand experience of a professional studio recording in a friendly, comfortable environment with an electric live atmosphere.

Austrian producer, musician and recording talent Manfred "Little" Konzett came up with a format that is as innovative as it is simple. He invites renowned professional musicians to join in and record their pieces in the studio in a live session.

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... the XL2 Sound Level Meter can recover automatically from a power failure?

Load a txt-file named "AutoOn" in the root directory of the XL2. To test, while the instrument is running, briefly remove the internal battery pack. The XL2 will recover within about 30 seconds. Additionally, the sound level measurement will start automatically in “Locked Run mode” (see user manual for more details). This functionality requires the XL2 serial number ending with "E0" or higher.

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