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New office opened in Stevenage, UK

NTi-Audio UK Team 
NTi Audio are pleased to announce that our new UK offices have now officially opened.

Charles Greene and David Young, your local technical sales and support team have already moved into the spacious and conveniently-located surroundings in Stevenage, 25 miles north of London. This large space will allow us to stock our extensive range of instruments and accessories, resulting in fast delivery to the growing number of customers throughout the UK & Ireland.

What does the new location have to offer you?

  • Stock of all NTi Audio instruments and accessory itemsincluding calibrated microphones
  • A high level of Technical Support from our experienced UK engineers
  • On-site repair and calibration facilities (by mid-2019)
  • Customer training on a variety of subjects

Whether your daily tasks involve audio equipment testing, building acoustics surveys, noise management of venues or constructions sites or noise assessment for planning application tasks, NTi Audio UK are available to help with your instrument requirements and guidance on good measurement practice.


XL2 Firmware V4.10

XL2 Sound Level Meter 

The new XL2 Firmware V4.10 extends the XL2 Sound Level Meter with the following features:

  • Scheduler
    Supports open-ended scheduling for permanent measurements
  • 1/12 Octave (optional)
    1/6 and 1/12 octave frequencies labelling according to IEC 61260-1:2014, Base 10
  • Vibration Meter (optional)
    Extended vibration sensitivity range up to 100 V/g
  • General
    Main menu offers vibration / sound mode switch (optional)
    Projector PRO Option added

Overview of new features.

Download Firmware V4.10 here.

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XL2 Firmware V4.10

Did you know...

Sound Bite


Meet NTi Audio at the following Events:

02 - 05 Apr. 2019
Hall 8.0, Booth: D41
Frankfurt, Germany

13 - 14 May 2019
Milton Keynes, UK

9 - 10 June 2019
AISE 2019
Florida, US

Did you know ...

... the XL2 Sound Level Meter can record audio during FFT and 1/12 octave measurements?

Load the files “fftaudio.txt” and “12audio.txt” (available below) into the root directory of the XL2. This enables 24 bit, 48 kHz resolution audio recording while using the FFT and 1/12 octave measurement functions. The XL2 should have firmware V4.10 or higher and the “Extended Acoustic Pack” Option installed.

Open "fftaudio.txt" and “12audio.txt” and save as respective txt files.

Sound Bite

Is it possible to see a sonic boom?

No ... and yes: if an aircraft flies faster than the speed of sound and the humidity of air is high enough, the change of air pressure causes condensation and forms a conical cloud. This change of air density also causes a change in the refraction index.

See this amazing effect in this video!


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