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Rapid Frequency Response Measurements with
the XL2

Rapid Frequency Response Measurements with the XL2 
Do you want to measure the frequency response of a speaker or audio component, and not have to wait until the lower frequencies stabilize? Then the MR-PRO and XL2 duet of instruments offers an innovative and practical solution.

The solution lies in two new MR-PRO test signals and a new, matching measurement function in the XL2. The two signals contain a 1-second and a 4-second cyclic pink noise, from which the XL2 can quickly calculate a stable measurement result in real time.

The trick lies in the design of the test signals; the pink noise has been shaped so that the frequency response is flat within 1 and 4 seconds respectively. This feature allows the XL2 Analyzer to determine an accurate frequency response of the device under test within seconds and with 1/12th octave resolution.



Quality Testing digital MEMS Microphones

Quality Testing digital MEMS Microphones 

With the expanding use of voice control, digital MEMS microphones are finding their way into more and more devices in the areas of communications, entertainment, mobility, medicine, and the home. As a rule, several MEMS microphones are installed as an array in each device in order to facilitate features such as direction-selective hearing and noise suppression. With the NTi Audio Microphone Test System, the quality of each of the digital MEMS microphones as well as that of the microphone array as a whole can be quickly and reliably measured.

At the core of the Microphone Test System is the FX100 Audio Analyzer. This connects to the digital MEMS microphones through the NTi Audio MEMS Mic Interface Box. Up to 8 digital MEMS microphones can be assessed with configurable clock frequencies and operating voltages. A reference loudspeaker and measuring microphone ensure accurate and reproducible acoustic test signals.


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Quality Testing digital MEMS Microphones

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How to Test Digital MEMS Microphones

NTi Audio cordially invites you to a free live webinar.

It is increasing common to find microphones being used in communication devices, consumer electronics, cars and household appliances; especially digital MEMS microphones. Typically, these are arranged as an array of multiple microphones. Thus the localization of a person speaking (Beamforming / Noise Cancellation) can be achieved.


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What is Acoustic Beamforming?

Acoustic beamforming describes microphones focusing on what you want to hear.

The purpose is to improve the quality of a sound source (such as a voice), while rejecting environmental and background noise.

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