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Uninterrupted Storage of Data for more than Five Years

By connecting a USB mass storage device to the NetBox, the data storage capacity of the XL2 is expanded to 2 terabytes, which massively simplifies the operation of an autonomous measuring station. The USB device can be accessed faster than the XL2's internal memory card. In addition, to save storage space as well as power, a measurement schedule timetable including a sleep mode has been added to NoiseScout.

Easily Expand Storage via USB
With on-site continuous measurements, it is critical how long the level data can be buffered. You want to have to change the storage medium as seldom as possible and optimize the network or modem connection usage.

Since the latest NetBox firmware update, an external storage medium (SSD, HDD, stick) can be connected to the NetBox via USB. This extends the storage capacity of the XL2 to up to 2 terabytes. Measurement periods of four months (with storage of uncompressed wav files) or over three years (with compressed wav files) are no problem. In addition, a new timetable schedule ensures that measurement projects are completed and saved at the pre-set time.



Measurement of A2B Microphone Modules


A2B (abbreviation for Automotive Audio Bus) is a digital network technology from the Analog Devices Inc. company that connects the audio devices and components within a car. For example, the microphone modules, which are found in increasing numbers of modern vehicles since the advent of voice assistants, and which are connected to the car’s audio system via an A2B interface. In order to ensure reliable operation, these modules must be tested before installation.

A2B interface definition is proprietary. In order to be able to measure the microphone signals, a device is required that decodes the A2B data stream and converts it either into a digital AES/EBU or an analog signal. One such device is the A2B analyzer from Mentor Automotive.


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Measurement of A2B Microphone Modules

Webinar: Solutions for Unattended Noise Monitoring

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Solutions for Unattended Noise Monitoring
Thursday 20th Feb. 2020

NTi Audio cordially invites you to a free live webinar.

NTi Audio offers three solutions for unattended noise monitoring with the XL2 Sound Level Meter,

Managed Mode
●  Gateway Mode
●  Autonomous operation

The webinar provides an overview on these three modes, explains the individual setup procedures and introduces the available options and accessories.


Sound Bite

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...one of the First Wireless TV Remote was a Mechanical Hammer and Rod?

1956: The futuristically-named "Zenith Space Command" used mechanics to produce ultrasound generated by tiny hammers hitting aluminium bars inside the remote to produce a frequency.

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