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3rd August 2010

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The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer has proven popular for live sound, installed sound, studio and environmental noise applications. The new XL2 firmware V2.03 extends the measurement functions and product features. It includes the customizable user profile handling, the load back function of stored measurement data, an optional RT60 in third octave resolution and others. All customers may upgrade their XL2s for free now.

XL2 firmware V2.03 is a major update offering flexible user profiles. The measurement screens may be personalized and a limited subset of the comprehensive functionalities enabled for simplified operator interfaces. The XL2 Analyzer boots up with exactly the pre-defined instrument configurations. This ensures accurate measurements achieved by basic users.

Load Back and Append Measurement Data
The new extended memory menu simplifies data file handling. Now the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer supports user file names and subdirectories for separating results of different projects.The straight-forward save and load function serves the dual purpose of storing measurement results for later recall and examination on-screen, as well as to conveniently retrieve standard test setups for repeated testing. The results of several individual measurements may be stored into the same data file, thus simplifying result analysis and data handling on the computer.

RT60 measurements in 1/3rd octave resolution
The firmware V2.03 supports the reverberation time measurement RT60 in 1/3rd octave resolution in combination with the optional Extended Acoustic Pack. The XL2 Analyzer measures the reverberation time of all 31 bands in parallel with automated triggering according to the Schroeder method. As test signal serves either an impulse source or a gated pink noise.

Further new XL2 features include the X-curve for cinema equalization, an IEC468-4 weighting filter in level measurements and an extended monitor speaker control with digital post gain.

All XL2 customers may download the new firmware V2.03 for free at http://support.nti-audio.com/xl2.

Flexible user profiles

Load Back and Append Measurement Data

RT60 measurements in 1/3rd octave resolution



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Movie introducing XL2

The movie "XL2 Basics" introduces the unique features, measurement functions and interfaces of the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer

Sit back, watch, listen and enjoy the XL2. 

Battery Charger available

The Battery Charger loads efficiently the spare battery whilst you are using your XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer.

One spare Li-Po battery is included with the battery charger.


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