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8th April 2008

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Acoustilyzer AL1 measures RT60 in 1/3 Octave Resolution

Now the Acoustilyzer is offering reverberation time testing also in 1/3 octave band resolution. By utilizing a specific new set of band limited pink noise signals the RT60 measurement can be extended from the standard 1/1 octave band resolution to the increased 1/3 octave band resolution.

The required special test signals are available as *.wav files for free download and installation into the Minirator MR-PRO. The Acoustilyzer measures RT60 with 1/3 octave resolution according ISO3382 standard, which applies for room acoustic measurements. With the new MR-PRO test signals offers the Acoustilyzer an accurate and low cost reverberation time measurement with 1/1 and 1/3 octave resolution.

Three octave RT60 measurements are combined resulting in a
1/3 octave resolution RT60 graph.

Technical Details: The individual measurement signals include 1/3 octave limited pink noise at six different center frequencies. The RT60 measurement range from 100Hz to 5kHz includes 18 pieces of 1/3 octave bands. Thus you may carry out with the Acoustilyzer three RT60 measurements, each with another test signal, thus all required 18 test results are available. Then the individual measurement are imported into an Excel template, automatically combining and visualizing these individual RT60 measurements into a complete 1/3 octave resolution result.

You may download the application note
explaining how to carry out the measurement step by step.

The required test signals for the MR-PRO are available for download at http://support.nti-audio.com/mr2/.



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

18th - 20th June 2008
Infocomm, Las Vegas, US
Booth #C4063

Bugfix for Minirator

In the last newsletter we introduced the firmware V2.01 featuring extended impedance measurement. During extensive onsite testing we found the Minirator MR-PRO displaying wrong test results at very low impedances and short circuits.

This bug has been fixed immediately. The improved new firmware V2.02 is available for download now. For any firmware update, please follow the instructions below.

Firmware-Upgrade Instructions for
Minirator & Digirator

The Minirator and Digirator are supporting an easy to execute firmware upgrade procedure. We offer the computer software "MR_Up-date" for free download, which automatically checks the NTI website for new firmware versions.

The firmware upgrade takes a few seconds, please follow the instructions below:

1. When updating your Minirator for the first time:

  1. Download the software "MR_Up-date" from the NTI website http://support.nti-audio.com/mr2/.
  2. Install and run "MR_Up-date"
  3. Follow the instructions shown in "MR_Up-date".

2. If you have already updated your Minirator before:

  1. Switch your computer online.
  2. Run the software "MR_Up-date" , which automatically checks the NTI website for any new firmware available. No further manual download is required.
  3. Follow the instructions shown in "MR_Up-date".

3. If you don't have a computer with an on-line connection:

  1. Use any other computer with on-line access and download the new firmware from the NTI website http://support.nti-audio.com/mr2/
  2. Run the software "MR_Up-date".
  3. Follow the instructions shown in "MR_Up-date".

NTI Acoustic solutions for London Underground

Have you traveled on the London Underground and trying to understand the station announcements telling you whether you are really on the right platform? If you are able to recall such scenarios you know the intelligibility is often bad.

Well, not for much longer. A program has been started to improve the speech intelligibility in the underground stations, the worst are the first to be upgraded. The assigned rail service companies decided to use Minstruments for this task with the professional support of our British representative Neutrik UK. They purchased a number of Acoustic & STI-PA Sets including the NTI TalkBox. The Acoustic & STI-PA Set is assisting the contractors in recording and scientifically testing the sounds from announcements for audibility and intelligibility. This allows them to repair or replace faulty microphones and speakers and improve the audio system performance. The work has started at Queensway Station and will gradually cover all stations in the Underground network. So, in the very near future we will all know if we are on the right line. :-)

London Tube Station
Londo Tube Station (click to enlarge)
Improved speech intelligibility in connecting aisles (click to enlarge)
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