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26th March 2009

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NTI offers the handheld Acoustilyzer AL1 for certified STI-PA measurements. The extended application note “Myths & Facts about Speech Intelligibility” includes valuable information and step-by-step procedures for reliable STI-PA measurements in even difficult environments with impulsive background noise.

The portable Acoustilyzer AL1 measures the speech intelligibility by analyzing a dedicated STI-PA test sequence. The NTI TalkBox generates the STI-PA signal acoustically into the microphone, thus measuring the complete communication chain including the microphone characteristics. Alternatively for announcement systems without microphones the Minirator MR-PRO generates the STI-PA test signal electrically. The Dutch research institute for speech intelligibility TNO verified the Acoustilyzer and confirmed: “The STI-PA measurement complies with the international standards.”

STI-PA for emergency systems
Public address systems in building complexes have to inform people of escape directions in case of emergency; such public buildings include airports, railway stations, shopping centers and concert halls. The requirements of these electro-acoustic sound systems are listed in the international standards IEC60849 and IEC60268-16, aiming a certain level of speech intelligibility in case of an emergency. Tragic consequences may result, if such announcements are misunderstood due to poor system quality, therefore, it is essential to design, install and verify sound reinforcement systems properly for intelligibility.

Speech intelligibility in class rooms and meeting rooms
Other national standards define the objective speech intelligibility measurement in class rooms (e.g. DIN18041) or meeting rooms (e.g. DIN15906). The NTI TalkBox together with the Acoustilyzer forms the complete, portable measurement set for speech intelligibility in these applications. Both instruments are battery powered, thus offering a flexible solution on site.

Download the updated application note “Myths & Facts about Speech Intelligibility”.


MR-PRO: Higher Output Level at 600 Ohm Loads

The new firmware V2.11 supports higher output levels into a 600 Ohm load for pink noise and wave files. The Minirator output stage design includes an internal current limiter, which reduces the maximum output level at higher output levels and low loads. The threshold level for this limiter depends on the crest factor of the selected signal. The new MR-PRO firmware V2.11 extends the output level into low impedance loads for wave files and pink noise by 4dB, thus the Minirator generates levels of +6dBu into 600 ohms before the current limiter becomes active.

The MR-PRO upgrade is supported by the "MR-Update" software. Customers may connect their online computer to the instrument and run the "MR-Update" software. The Minirator firmware will be installed automatically.

Detailed information and updated manuals are available at http://support.nti-audio.com/mr2.

MiniLINK: Minor Bug Fix

The new edition of MiniLINK fixes a minor bug in the communication from PC to the connected instrument, such as the Acoustilyzer, Minilyzer or Digilyzer. Some customers observed that upon the initial installation previous MiniLINK editions possibly do not connect to the instrument; with the new MiniLINK V3.02 an immediate bug fix has been released.

NTI presents efficient Microphone Test System at PLS Show

You are welcome to the NTI booth H05 in hall 8. NTI features the new microphone test system RT-Microphone, a dedicated turn-key-solution for fast and reliable quality control of microphones in production.

Additionally RT-Microphone is tailored for the incoming inspection at rental companies, thus only passed microphones are re-stored in the warehouse and possible defects can be charged back to the rental client.

Furthermore NTI shows the sound level meter functionalities of the Acoustilyzer at the show. The new MiniLOG software connects to the Acoustilyzer, displays and monitors the sound level graph live events over time. MiniLOG allows compensation of the level difference from the actual measurement position to the loudest location in the hall and automatically generates a test report following the DIN15905 standard. The AL1 offers together with the measurement microphone M2010 a cost-saving sound level meter with class 1 frequency response.



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

1.-4. April 2009
prolight + sound, PLS
Frankfurt, D
Booth #8.H05

17. - 19. June 2009
Orlando, Florida

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