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8th November 2007

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Test signals for Minirator MR-PRO

Narrow band pink noise signals with a 1/3rd octave bandwidth extend the applications of the Minirator MR-PRO.

These signals are useful for architectural, acoustical measurements, e.g. measuring the ambient noise isolation index. Such measurements typically require very high sound pressure levels that can't be achieved with wideband pink noise due to limitations of the amplifier or speaker. Using the high SPL only in narrow bands, such as 1/3 octave pink noise, the necessary total emission power is greatly reduced.

The new narrow band pink noise signals are available for download on the Minirator support page http://support.nti-audio.com/mr2/. The memory requirements are 16.2 MByte. Customers may back-up and delete some of the original factory test signals first to free-up enough memory space.

Note: A new firmware V1.12 is required to run the new test signals.
Please install the MR-PRO firmware V1.12 into your instrument using MR_Update.



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

29th - 31st January 2008
Integrated Systems Amsterdam, NL
booth #260

Minstruments at IBC 2007

The 2007 edition of IBC-show in Amsterdam saw yet another increase in requirements for the technical team at IBC (Technical Resources). This workload meant that the 'toolbox' needed some serious additions. NTIs "Acoustic Set Pro" with the combination of MR-PRO & Acoustilyzer came in very useful. It provided an easily portable acoustic measurement system for the verification of levels and system response, as well as for incidental fine-tuning in the conference rooms.

Certain modifications had been made to the technical infrastructure in several rooms, so before the installation of the IBC equipment could be made, the existing systems needed to be tested. This is where the combination of the MR-PRO and Acoustilyzer were extremely helpful to measure the polarity and response of the existing loudspeaker systems - and problems were then quickly identified and resolved.

Time is always at a premium for Technical Resources at IBC and here the Minstruments turned out to be invaluable for testing lines, setting up levels and generally verifying the system from end-to-end. Tie-lines and patch facilities were tested for proper continuity, polarity and identification with the MR-PRO and Acoustilyzer and once again, helped identify and solve problems that would have been a major source of nightmares further down the line!

Terry Nelson from IBC Technical Resources summarized: Thanks to NTI. The "Acoustic Set Pro" with MR-PRO & Acoustilyzer will be a permanent part of our toolbox in 2008!

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