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FX100 Calculation Items

Are you looking for a specific analysis method that your audio analyzer does not support? For instance, do you want to link several measurements to a combined result, or to display data in a special way?

In this case, the “Calculation Items” of the FLEXUS Audio test system will provide you with the solution. The feature offers the ability to combine previously stored data with the latest measurements, and adds a wide range of mathematical functions, e.g.

  • basic arithmetic operations
  • variables
  • unit conversion
  • smoothing or interpolation
  • statistics
  • boolean results

Thus, Calculation Items significantly extend the flexibility and performance of the FLEXUS Audio test system for all kinds of electrical, acoustical or vibration measurements.

Watch the video presentation here.
Visit www.nti-audio.com/FX100 for more details.

XL2 Sound Report Generator

Do you need to provide a comprehensive report to your client and/or your local authority, based on measurement data you have previously acquired? The XL2 sound level meter measures all the essential data and the new Sound Reporting Tools present them in a well-structured report, ready for printout or saving.

Get your full report ready within minutes of completing the measurement. Just open the Sound Reporting Tool with Microsoft Excel and load the data file from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The tool extracts all available data such as measurement date, start time, etc. and generates sound level charts. The entire measurement period is graphed with the relevant sound levels and legal limits where appropriate, allowing you to visualize the sound levels at a glance. The report page shows the level summary. Now simply fill in the pre-defined fields with name and event details, and your measurement report is ready.

Demo report: (click to enlarge)

Sound Level Meter Report Demo 1 Sound Level Meter Report Demo 2

Download the Sound Reporting Tool that suits your requirements:


for Live Event reports


for Noise Monitoring reports


for German DIN15905-5 compliant reports


for Swiss SLV compliant reports

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XL2 Sound Reporting Tool



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