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11th December 2007

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Square Wave for Minirator MR-PRO

A set of square wave signals is available for download into the Minirator MR-PRO now.

The new MR-PRO square wave signals are available as a set of optimized wave files, including the 1/3 octave frequencies from 10 – 5000 Hz.

MR-PRO SquareThe MR-PRO features an audio bandwidth of 20 kHz. Therefore the generated square wave signals comprise noticeable ringing and a limited slew rate. NTI is offering these additional square wave test signals due to continuous customer demands, despite the known limitations of these signals for professional applications.

The square wave signals are ready for download at:



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

29th - 31st January 2008
Integrated Systems Amsterdam, NL
booth #260

12th - 15th March 2008
Prolight & Sound, GE
Hall 8.0, booth H05

Minstruments & TalkBox for teleconference systems

Prominent US manufacturers of telepresence and teleconference systems install and commission their systems onsite using NTI tools. Their field engineering teams are equipped with dozens of Minstruments sets and the NTI TalkBox.

Two major international manufacturers of high-end telepresence systems have selected NTI Minstruments and TalkBox for setup of their systems worldwide. The Acoustilyzer, MiniSPL and Minirator complement the tool kits of their field engineering teams. The acoustic performance and ambient levels in each telepresence room are verified with the Acoustilyzer and the MiniSPL measurement microphone. The Minirator is of great help for making audio level settings and calibration through the audio channels.

So next time you see a high profile business advertisement for a "Video Collaboration Studio" or "TelePresence Meeting Solution", you may be sure that NTI Minstruments are in use to guarantee the audio quality.

When setting up microphones for conference systems, a human speaker commonly repeats the familiar phrases “one, two, test“ or “check - check“ to stimulate the system and check for level. Successful telepresence requires onsite measurements and adjustment, including the effects of the microphone taken together with near field objects such as work tables and desks. The NTI TalkBox with its variety of standard signals, simplifies and improves the onsite commissioning. For basic checks, the reference human speech signal is selected, which makes the adjustment an easy task for one person. For more precise work, other TalkBox signals are used, with the results averaged over time for accurate system flatness determinations including the response effects created by the near field room environment.

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