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10th June 2009

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NTI offers a simple and fast calibration service for customers. Specifically, the new EU-Service substantially lowers the overall calibration costs for customers within Europe. Customers receive the calibrated instrument back in typically less than 2 weeks.

The newly established calibration service for customers within the EU bases on a flat courier rate of 34 Euros. This special rate includes the return shipment to the customers address for all parcels below 3 kgs. The average turnaround time for calibration including shipping in both directions is reduced to less than 14 days. "The new calibration service for EU customers is already warmly welcomed by our clients", Product Manager Berno Nigsch states: "This service cuts the turn-around time and the shipping costs by more than 50%.”

NTI recommends the annual calibration of the test instruments for best performance. The provided regular ISO 9001:2000 compliant calibration ensures accurate operation of the audio test instruments. Additionally customers receive free firmware/hardware updates. Please contact the local NTI partner for the calibration offer.

Read more or Request for Calibration Service


Performing Musician:
"A must buy when working with PA systems"

The editor Hugh Robjohns tested the acoustical analyzer combination Acoustilyzer and MiniSPL for the magazine “Performing Musician”, the practical magazine for musicians and PA operators. The article features the Acoustilyzer as the most cost effective solution following the UK “Noise at Work” Regulations 2005, which requires calibrated measurement tools.

Hugh Robjohns concludes:
“The AL1 is an easy to use device at an attractive price. Partnered with the MiniSPL they offer the Class 2 Leq sound level measurement, which puts them in a different league to other audio analyzers – a must buy for everybody running commercial PA installations."

Read the test report here

New Dubai Airport Terminal passes STI-PA Measurements

The new Terminal 3 and Concourse 2 at Dubai International Airport have been commissioned last October. Prior the grand opening the Berlin based company Rahe-Kraft measured all halls for good speech intelligibility of the PA-system. One of the key tools was the portable Acoustilyzer AL1, which saved them a lot of time in their project; the STI-PA measurements could be completed faster than expected.

The German acoustic consulting company Rahe-Kraft was appointed to design, predict and commission the complete public address system for the new Dubai airport terminal. The system consists of approximately 4.000 ceiling loudspeakers, 600 passive arrays and about 140 active arrays. Only 18 active DSP-controlled loudspeakers service the huge baggage claim hall (235 x 220m).

Click to enlarge
360° View of Dubai Airport Terminal 3 (click to enlarge)

The commissioning of the system was conducted by Jakob Kraft personally. Due to the large distances, wired measurements were impossible in many areas; thus a handheld meter was the only choice for reliable measurements in these areas. After completing the project successfully Jakob Kraft reported: “The AL1 with the STI-PA option for speech intelligibility measurement was an indispensable help at this important assignment. I was able to make several hundred STI-PA measurements in just one night only by myself. An operator in the main switch room enabled the STI-PA test signal from zone to zone, allowing me to verify the speech intelligibility at all assigned measurement positions.” Jakob Kraft summarizes: “In Dubai I learnt to appreciate the Acoustilyzer for such onsite projects. The typical STI-PA test results in the new terminal 3 are in the range from 0.50 – 0.65 STI. Thus since the opening of the airport, the public address system runs to the client's satisfaction.”

Click to enlarge
360° View of Dubai Airport Terminal 3
(click to enlarge)

Terminal 3 is located completely underground under the apron. The total built-up area is equivalent to 94 football fields. A total of 158 check-in counters are available; the baggage claim hall alone measures 220x135m. Concourse 2 is directly adjacent to the terminal. The building has 10 floors, a total length of 924m and a built-up area equivalent to 120 football fields. A total of 26 gates are available, 5 of which are ready to serve A380 jets.

Read more about recent projects of Rahe-Kraft at www.rahe-kraft.de.



NTI exhibits at the Infocomm show in Orlando, Florida. NTI presents new innovative test solutions for acoustics and audio. Visit the NTI booth at

17. - 19. June 2009
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Orlando, Florida

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