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8th July 2008

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Life Insurance for your MR-PRO

The "MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter" shields the MR-PRO against accidentally applied mains- or system voltages, e.g. during impedance- or power testing at distributed 70V/100V speaker systems.

The new accessory "MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter" is a life insurance for your Minirator when testing 70V/100V speaker systems. Simply plug the adapter into the MR-PRO output and the Minirator is protected against high external voltages.

Wrong wiring during installation of 70V/100V speaker systems may result in high system voltages or even mains power appearing on the speaker terminals. Such accidental incidents obviously will damage the impedance meter.

The "MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter" comprising a combination of over voltage protection thyristors and fast blowing fuses is the life guard in these unexpected conditions. The "MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter" is available now.


MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter

MR-PRO 70V/100V
Protective Adapter
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We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

7th - 10th Sepember 2008
Plasa Show, London, UK

Increased S/N-Ratio for Minirator Test Signals

The new "Minirator −40dB Adapter" accessory increases the signal-noise-ratio of low level test signals. It lowers the residual noise floor of the Minirator by 40dB.

Thus the Minirator in conjunction with the “−40dB Adapter” generates test signals with a level of e.g. −50dB at an improved signal-noise-ratio, which is even below the residual noise of high-end audio analyzers.

Such low noise test signals are especially required for low level microphone testing, where a high signal-noise-ratio is required.

The new accessory “Minirator −40dB Adapter” is available now for the MR2 and MR-PRO signal generator.

Minirator −40dB Adapter
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Minirator MR-PRO – A Perfect Lab Instrument

The MR-PRO has undergone an evaluation down to the bones by the Sono Magazine. Their editor Etienne Lemery is famous for his timeless efforts in testing audio gears and resulting very detailed test reports. Loved by the consumers and feared by the manufacturers! The recent review of the Minirator MR-PRO left nothing hidden:

“Congratulation for the ergonomics”, writes Etienne Lemery in the 2008 test report of Sono Magazine, “The MR-PRO is performing well.”

Etienne Lemery summarizes the detailed evaluation with: “I like the performance, portability, features such as the generation of .wav files, integrated cable tester, impedance measurement and total compatibility with Minilyzer ML1 and Acoustilyzer AL1.

The complete test report is available for download here.

MR-PRO Test Report

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