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7th October 2009

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The repair and service of professional speakers requires skill and know how. Specialized companies offer such reconditioning services which saves money for their customers.

Mr. Günther Christ runs the company “Sound Clinic” specializing in reconditioning professional speakers. Recently he received four subwoofers for quick service from a discotheque in Wiesbaden, Germany. Three subs showed a burned voice coil. The fourth one served as reference speaker for comparison after repairs. Günther Christ replaced the voice coils and assembled the speaker again carefully.

After completion he took the Minirator MR-PRO and sent a 1 Hz test signal into the speaker. This low frequency test signal allows monitoring the speaker operation by the eyes and shows any dents of the speaker membrane. Günther Christ checked the sub-woofer for free centered movement of the voice coil and gradually increased the Minirator output level for an overload test according to the speaker specifications. Mr. Christ then completed the quality control by gradually increasing the Minirator sine frequency to 300 Hz, thus verifying the actual speaker performance. “The Minirator MR-PRO is a great tool for reconditioning services", Günther Christ says, "With the generated low frequency test signals I could show the discotheque owner the actual operation of the reconditioned speaker. The customer gains confidence in my work using such professional test equipment. Firstly I can verify my job and secondly I can confirm to the customer that the speaker is back for entertainment.”

Speaker reconditioning impressions (click to enlarge)

“Sound Clinic” offers 25 years of experience in reconditioning speakers. Mr. Günther Christ services speakers with the Minirator MR-PRO for optimized performance. Read more about speaker reconditioning at www.sound-clinic.com/reconing.html.

The MR-PRO may playback wave files with frequency content from 1 - 10 Hz correctly. These low frequency wave files are a free download for all Minirator customers. Download 1 - 10 Hz wave files here.



NTi Audio presents new innovative test solutions for acoustics and audio at the upcoming shows. You are welcome to visit the NTi Audio booth at

9. - 12. Oct. 2009
AES Convention
New York, US
Stand # 244

13. - 16. Oct. 2009
Pro Light & Sound
Shanghai, China
Booth # 1B18

11. - 12. Nov. 2009
ISEAT Convention
Shenzhen, China

18. - 20. Nov. 2009
InterBEE 2009
Chiba-Pre, Japan
Hall 4, Stand # 4303

Anti-social drivers are being targeted by the police force of Devon and Cornwall, UK, in an attempt to curb excessive noise from modified cars or altered exhausts. The introduction of sound measuring kits including the NTi Audio Acoustilyzer AL1 and M2010 measurement microphones at each of the force’s roads policing centre’s means officers can deal effectively with noise pollution from vehicles in known problem areas.

The Acoustilyzer AL1 sound meters are tailored to tackle anti-social driving. A number of officers have been trained in the use of the specialist kits and as a result the first ticket was issued for a vehicle with over three times the acceptable noise level. Sergeant Paul Caboche, from Launceston Roads Policing Centre, said: “Drivers need to be aware of the consequences of their anti-social behaviors and consider the impact of their actions to residents and local people. Continued offending will land anti-social drivers in court The Acoustilyzer is backing up officer’s court testimonies with accurate evidence. 

First ticket issued for 93 dB(A)
In technical terms, vehicle noise levels should be between 82-89 decibels. The first ticket issued using the sound kits found the noise level to be 93 dB(A). Sergeant Caboche, added: „Anti-social driving is consistently a cause of frustration within our communities. Our traffic officers can use these sound kits along to reassure the public and demonstrate the police action when complaints about anti-social driving are received. We also aim to use these sound meters in a targeted manner on operations and events to deal effectively with offending motorists."

Read more about the "Vehical Noise Measurement Set" here.


New NTi Audio Logo

The new official company name is NTi Audio AG, the abbreviation for New Technologies in Audio.

The new company name underlines the excellence in developing audio technologies and test solutions for the acoustics- and audio market. Hand in hand with the re-naming goes a fresh company logo, the spearhead of the new Corporate Design for NTi Audio AG.


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