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19th November 2009

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NTi Audio AG presents its new handheld flagship: the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. The XL2 analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art sound level meter, a comprehensive acoustical analyzer as well as a powerful audio analyzer. The wide range of functionalities is tailored for Live Sound, Installed Sound, Studios, Service and Environmental Noise measurements.

The XL2 provides together with the measurement microphones M4260 (Class 2) or M2210 (Class 1 frequency response) a precise sound level meter for monitoring of live events and environmental noise. The instrument generates the 48V phantom power supply for the microphones and reads the included electronic data sheet of the M4260 and M2210 automatically. This promotes faster setup and ensures accurate measurements. Additionally the XL2 logs the calibration data and microphone serial number at each measurement.

The XL2 measurement functions include

  • Sound Level Meter
  • Real Time Analyzer
  • FFT Analyzer
  • Audio Analyzer
  • Acoustic Analyzer (RT60, Delay, Polarity)
  • STI-PA Analyzer (optional)

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer is available now.
Read more at www.nti-audio.com/XL2.



You are welcome to meet NTi Audio at the following events:

2. - 4. Feb. 2010
ISE - Integrated Systems Europe
Amsterdam, NL
Booth# 1F119

24. - 27. March 2010
Pro Light & Sound
Frankfurt, Germany



Learn more about the XL2

The XL2 product features are introduced by the XL2 power point presentation. It presents the measurement functions, interfaces, accessories and various applications. You may download the XL2 presentation here.



Video introducing the XL2

You may switch on the speakers at your computer and Watch, Listen and Enjoy.


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