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18th November 2008

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Acoustilyzer now measuring Noise Curves

NTI offers a new Noise Curve Post Processing tool. It acquires and stores the unweighted octave data from the Acoustilyzer AL1 and plots this data against all International Noise Curve standards. The tool is available free of charge on www.nti-audio.com.

Noise curves reflect different standardized means of creating a single number rating of background noise. Different rooms may allow different acceptable noise ratings. In many cases, we want the background noise not to interfere with various ongoing activities, e.g. the noise of an office air-conditioning system should not interfere with telephone calls or conversations.

With the help of the new NTI Noise Curves Application Tool, the AL1 spectra are automatically qualified and the resulting noise curve displayed. The Noise Curve Application Tool is a free download from the NTI website.

Download here



We are looking forward meeting you at the following events:

19. - 21. November 2008
InterBEE, Japan

3. - 5. February 2009
Integrated Systems ISE,
Amsterdam, NL

"Reliable choice at a low price"

The national Spanish radio group RNE purchased 20 Analog Minstruments Set Pro and 19 Digital Audio Sets for their studios. All 19 engineering groups in the various regions are now working with the test kit.

The technicians favor the portability of the professional Minstruments, thus simplifying their daily tasks. Especially the new Digirator DR2 with the Digital Audio Set is of great advantage helping to measure and manage the various types recording systems with their different digital interfaces. Angel Cañada, Manager of RNE maintenance department, reports: “The portable Minstruments are easy to take inside the pocket and quickly walk to the next site. The high product quality and accurate test results proves that NTIs audio test instruments are the reliable choice for RNE at a low price.

The common test applications utilizing the new NTI sets start from e.g. aligning audio levels between studios, setting and monitoring of radio relay links up to checking high frequency attenuation of windscreens of microphones. Mr. Angel Cañada adds: “We work together with the local NTI partner Neotecnica already for many years", with their professional support NTIs test instruments have been standardized as the common reference in Spain.


RNE purchased 39 Test Sets for their studios

The national Spanish radio group RNE broadcasts the Radio Nacional, Radio Clásica, 3, 4, 5, and Radio Exterior. They are part of state corporation RTVE and cover a wide diversity of programs magazines, news, music, with specialized channels in news, classic and pop radio.

Customer RNE website www.rtve.es/radio
NTI partner Neotecnica www.neotecnica.es

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